City & Community

Activate programming, engage, and educate through the power of history come to life through Augmented Reality.

Our capstone mission is to create space for Black & Brown histories in public places — and within public consciousness. Working with municipalities, state & federal governments, and community organizations helps us achieve that mission.

Join Our Mission to Make Black & Brown Histories More Prominent

The Kinfolk AR Black History Monument platform was built first and foremost as a way for BIPOC people to reimagine public spaces. What if their plazas, buildings, and parks featured their ancestors in a more prominent and reverential way? That vision compelled us to engage with educators, community organizers, and archivists in ways that make us uniquely capable to engage and inform the public.

We are all currently living Black and Brown history, and bringing us closer to our Kinfolk is the way to elucidate and empower. Join our movement as we seek to activate understanding and help people feel as if their Kinfolk deserve a place on a pedestal.


Bring Kinfolk to the national stage with immersive Augmented Reality experiences — through the Kinfolk app or embedded within your own. Our dream is for our Kinfolk to receive the placement they deserve, in our hearts and in our physical spaces. Through the power of AR, we can turn attention to the Black and Brown histories that resonate.

Local History And Monuments

Working with cities to promote local histories and give Black and Brown figures the placement they deserve is our jam. Some of our capabilities include:

  • AR experiences
  • Collaborative custom monument creation
  • Lectures, teach-ins, guided tours, interactive discussion
  • Event collaboration and promotion
  • Pilot monuments
  • Recognition of local figures and historical events
  • Black History promotion and outreach
  • Incorporation in history, education, and engagement programs