Partnerships & Sponsorships

With our purposes in alignment, we can achieve great things through the power of BIPOC history brought to life in AR.

Kinfolk is all about activating the talent within our network to bring out the most of every organizational initiative and event. We are eager to join our capabilities for the purposes of educating folks about their Kinfolk while helping to advance equity through understanding and context.

Spreading Information

Use the Kinfolk platform, UNSUNG, or a custom AR app experience to further education, awareness, and public information goals. By understanding our histories with context, we can help everyone come to realizations about the present. Transforming perspectives and advancing awareness of Black and Brown histories is what we are all about.


Consciousness is brought out through a combination of data with the human context. Kinfolk can unify both, bringing attention to new data sets and eye-opening visualizations with AR. If you got numbers you want to reach the people, we can help ground understanding while immersing people in the histories of their Kinfolk.

Partnerships and Sponsorships
for Art

The Kinfolk platform is where art, technology, education, and community intersect. The work of talented visual artists, designers, and developers brings our histories to life in unique ways. 

Create interactive art experiences highlighting:

  • BIPOC monuments
  • Black & Brown historical narratives
  • Visual art
  • Experimental art
  • Interactive art
  • Mixed media
  • Digital art