Solutions & Capabilities

We are Kinfolk, and we are ready to advance our goals in partnership with projects and purposes aligned to our values. We have the potential to make Black and Brown histories come to life through the immersive power of augmented reality.


Put your idea in the hands of millions — or in front of a few thousand looking for a unique experience. We can collaborate on projects and spearhead new experience designs in alignment with our shared vision.

Let's get to work, helping people get to know their Kinfolk.

Museums & Historical

Museums and public education programs provide an excellent platform for Kinfolk's pre-existing technologies, as well as the opportunity to craft entirely new experiences.


Built in collaboration with educators, archivists, and curriculum experts, Kinfolk's UNSUNG is fully integrated with common core standards. We are ready to help you develop your next AR education tool with all the requirements that make learning lasting.

City & Community

Kinfolk's work highlights important spaces in context to important people. Submissions are open for city and community-centric Kinfolk app monuments, and we are also open to collaborate to build something special for your community.

Marketing & Awareness

From Netflix to the MoMA, our partnerships connect people to their Kinfolk while grounding new ideas and movements within a historical context. If you are trying to bring awareness to underrepresented Black and Brown histories in an immersive way, we are right there with you.

Partnering & Sponsorships

Kinfolk collaborations can include newly developed AR experiences as well as the addition of new monuments to the popular Kinfolk app. We have talented developers and archivists ready to help your vision of living Black and Brown history come to life.