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We are Kinfolk, and we are ready to advance our goals in partnership with projects and purposes aligned to our values. We have the potential to make Black and Brown histories come to life through the immersive power of augmented reality.


Put your idea in the hands of millions — or in front of a few thousand looking for a unique experience. We can collaborate on projects and spearhead new experience designs in alignment with our shared vision.

Let's get to work, helping people get to know their Kinfolk.

Classroom Curriculums

According to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, teachers don’t teach black history because they “lack content knowledge, confidence, time, and resources".

Through Kinfolk, we can help bridge the digital divide, making our students active participants in building their own future. Beyond being informational and full of resources, Kinfolk's curriculum seeks to boost teachers’ confidence to teach uncensored history in a way that aligns with what they are already teaching in their classrooms. Moreover, it aims to be accessible, authentic, community-oriented, collaborative, empowering, as well as centered around storytelling and solutions. We invite everyone to bring Black history into their classroom in a highly engaging way.

To these ends, we built UNSUNG from the ground up to fit within classroom curriculums, using Common Core standards. UNSUNG includes its own Juneteenth mini-curriculum lesson plan to accompany the app's use within the classroom. Checks for understanding (CFU) are included to verify learning and solidify the important aspects of the material within the minds of students.

Most importantly, UNSUNG is fun to use and  eye-opening to experience. It hammers on the relevance of our past to students today, teaching real skills through expanded understanding. Students will be tasked with working cooperatively within a virtual environment thanks to the magic of AR. It enhances investments in digital learning and also allows for learning to continue in remote or asynchronous classrooms.

Put simply: teachers and students alike love UNSUNG! They can also derive value from the Kinfolk app — and, we hope, future projects coming down the pipes.

Community Engagement

Kinfolk seeks to work with local community partners to co-develop events in concert with our vision. We provide guided tours, lectures, discussions, and more with the opportunity for audience interaction and engagement. An emphasis is placed on the deeper historical context pertinent to the event's themes, topics, goals or primary interests. These events frequently result in long-term collaborative partnerships where our community partners are able to vision ongoing and new ways to use AR to empower the community and local advocacy issues.

Our AR experiences and wider network of informed enlighteners make for a perfect fit to many events and programs! The Kinfolk app, for example, digitally democratizes the question of who is worthy of commemoration. Anyone at any time can use the app in any place to set down a monument inside of their community. They can then engage deeply with the history of the figure the monument represents, learning about their personal past as well as the oft-obscured histories of their nation. The experience is both individual and collective.

Groups standing for political action, social justice, advocacy, or all-around community improvement can benefit from using the Kinfolk app (and other apps we have on the way!). The app helps focalize the conversation while also enabling people to think fourth dimensionally. We come face-to-face with the under-appreciated heroes of our past to contemplate a better future for our communities and for ourselves.

Museum And Heritage Sites

Museums are the lifeblood of public education outside of grade-school ages, and they've recognized the need for education to extend outside the walls of their institutions. Kinfolk's apps give museums the opportunity to reconcile with a history of glossing over "inconvenient" historical truths. We bring the past to life in a highly engaging and interactive way, promoting social justice and awareness of our under-represented histories.

Museums & Historical

Museums and public education programs provide an excellent platform for Kinfolk's pre-existing technologies, as well as the opportunity to craft entirely new experiences.


Built in collaboration with educators, archivists, and curriculum experts, Kinfolk's UNSUNG is fully integrated with common core standards. We are ready to help you develop your next AR education tool with all the requirements that make learning lasting.

City & Community

Kinfolk's work highlights important spaces in context to important people. Submissions are open for city and community-centric Kinfolk app monuments, and we are also open to collaborate to build something special for your community.

Marketing & Awareness

From Netflix to the MoMA, our partnerships connect people to their Kinfolk while grounding new ideas and movements within a historical context. If you are trying to bring awareness to underrepresented Black and Brown histories in an immersive way, we are right there with you.

Partnering & Sponsorships

Kinfolk collaborations can include newly developed AR experiences as well as the addition of new monuments to the popular Kinfolk app. We have talented developers and archivists ready to help your vision of living Black and Brown history come to life.