Marketing & Awareness

Draw focus to your program, event, or initiative through the Augmented lens of BIPOC history.

Kinfolk is all about drawing people in. Let us use our AR and community activation capabilities to engage and spread awareness of your latest efforts. Help us further our mission to give our Kinfolk the place in popular society they deserve!

Marketing Activation

Kick off your latest civic or historically-minded initiative with an experience that has impact. Provide people with engaging Augmented Reality Black History apps that change perspectives, shift mindsets, and nurture awareness for your organization's priorities.


There's nothing quite like meeting your Kinfolk! Our AR experiences bring Black & Brown history to life, and they can be accompanied by in-person or online engagement. Before, during, or after your event — there's never a bad time to bring out the Kinfolk!

Drive attendance, amplify event participation, encourage interactive enlightened discussion, and bring Black & Brown history to the context of the present.

History &
Campus Lore

We've all got Kinfolk we'd like more people to meet and to know. Let the Kinfolk team create custom monuments for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or other unsung folks who deserve a chance to shine. Feature historical figures from your local history, campus history, or organizational history. Introduce people to the Kinfolk that matter most to you!

& Outreach

Augmented Reality experiences can drive engagement while helping activate specific marketing and program goals. Contact us to discuss your objectives and how they align with the power of Black and Brown histories brought to life through AR.