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It’s the Harlem Renaissance

A young singer takes to the streets of New York City, following leads to earn her big break. This is the true story of Florence Mills, a real life cabaret singer and performer. In a few short years, she would become an international sensation thanks to her talents. But she would die tragically young, and her story would be overlooked by most histories.

Now, people get the chance to get to know Florence Mills as they never could before: within an interactive AR learning experience. They can also get to know "Tiny" Davis, a trumpet virtuoso on the little-known International Sweethearts of Rhythms’ ride across mid-Western America.

Bring History To Life

Your entire classroom will experience these two stories come to life before their eyes, together. Explore eight dynamic scenes. Interact with events and conversations based on true historical accounts. Collaborate as a class using lesson plans inclusive to all styles of learning, and …together… document the lives of two unsung heroes they will be unable to forget.


UNSUNG is a multiplayer augmented reality learning experience about 2 Black singers: Florence Mills and Tiny Davis, who rose above societal challenges to make their voices heard.

UNSUNG takes a gamified approach to learning. It invites students to collaboratively explore immersive environments from history. Students will be able to read passages specific to each environment, fill in blanks in the text based on what they learn and find important historical artifacts along with primary source documents to analyze.

Animations, rich narrations, and a flexible lesson planning guide come together to give students a wholly unique way to meet …and appreciate… two singers who deserve to their stories remembered for all time.

Finally, students can feel that spark of accomplishing and acquiring useful information about our history!

How does
in the classroom?

The interactive AR experience consists of 8 virtual scenes (four for each figure) that students can explore. These scenes represent important moments in the figures’ lives. Students can use their tablets or other Android/iOS device to look around the scene, talk to characters, and read information about the setting and its people. Each scene is designed to take one 45 minute class period to complete.

Every scene starts off with a challenge to each student to find a primary source artifact. To do so, they need to explore the environment and talk with the characters. Once they have discovered all the information necessary to move forward, they will be asked to fill in the missing blanks from the passage. After each student completes their task, they will then analyze a primary source document as a group, and answer a final Check for Understanding (CFU).

What makes

UNSUNG separates itself from other learnings experiences for a few key reasons, all of which add value to your curriculum while enriching students' understanding of America's history.

  • UNSUNG tells the story of two POC women who were famous in their time but now are completely left out of most history textbooks.
  • UNSUNG's AR exploration invites you to feel like you were there, giving new layers of context and a deeper understanding.
  • UNSUNG is interactive and collaborative, engaging students in ways many history lessons cannot.
  • UNSUNG aims to slide easily in your lesson plan or curriculum, with lots of materials to help instructors get inspired.
  • UNSUNG is made by an energized team of BIPOC entrepreneurs, artists, and history lovers. We want to help young people reach towards a more equitable and understanding society.

Why use UNSUNG in your classroom?

Students are able to scout, interact, and uncover the real stories of our histories as a team


Empower BIPOC students to see themselves in important historical figures that they won’t find in their textbooks.


Students use technology and work as a team to complete each lesson, resulting in higher engagement.

Remote Learning

Our applications can be accessed from anywhere with a mobile device, tablet, or computer, providing accessibility to those who are unable to learn in a classroom.

How Can I access UNSUNG?

UNSUNG is available through the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Program (VILS). They have a platform where teachers can sign up and get access to UNSUNG, along with many other AR + VR experiences for the classroom.

Head to the link below to sign up!

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Try Our Kinfolk App

We have released a separate AR app available to all iOS and Android device owners: Kinfolk.

Place virtual monuments of underrepresented figures anywhere you want, including right where you'd like to see them in your community. Hear narrated accounts of their lives, and get to know the people who helped change the course history — even if they're overlooked by it.