Museums & Historical Organizations

Reach deeper into community and context with one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality experiences.

Kinfolk's apps and custom capabilities make us a perfect fit for Museums, Historical Societies, and other organizations aligned with our passions for underappreciated Black and Brown histories.

Program Extensions

Incorporate AR experiences into your museum exhibitions or organizational programs. Enable people to visualize their history in uniquely engaging and accessible ways. Drive home context and the connection we all still share with our Kinfolk.

Special Events and Teach-Ins

Invite Kinfolk and our network of archivists, educators and community leaders to your museum or event. We regularly provide guided walking tours, breakout sessions for bigger events, interactive discussions, teach-ins, and more — all enhanced by Augmented Reality historical apps. Make history come alive with deep context to the present.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Whether you want Kinfolk to build something new or us to guide people through living histories of the past and present, our skills are always available. Understanding and information are two of the main avenues towards equity, so now is the perfect time for folks to get to know their Kinfolk better!