Kinfolk AR experiences ignite and excite, cultivating passion for Black and Brown History at any age!

Kinfolk's AR Black History Monuments App can quickly introduce learners to important people from their past. UNSUNG was created alongside educators and curriculum experts to fit classroom criteria for Common Core and other education standards.

Classroom Curriculums

Incorporate Kinfolk and UNSUNG into your classroom! We've developed a custom curriculum perfect for Juneteenth discussions and early 20th Century Black History. Augmented reality helps your students feel more immersed than ever before in the history of important peoples they may not otherwise know!

Curriculums include Checks For Understanding (CFU), group-led discussions, and gamified in-classroom discovery. Make history fun while helping learners get to know their Kinfolk better.

School District Curricula

Add Kinfolk, UNSUNG, or a custom Augmented Reality experience to enhance learners' passion to uncover Black and Brown histories. Our apps can enhance existing curriculum plans or help them grow with new expanded lessons and memorable learning experiences.


Kinfolk collaborates with those eager to advance our mission. Our talented network of developers, educators, and archivists wants to join forces with you. Expand public awareness of Black and Brown histories while re-envisioning our Kinfolk in new and illuminating ways. Let us help you develop a program, event, or experience for groups of any age.

Engaging With Educators

Kinfolk wants to open up the conversation and help Black and Brown people reimagine what the world would be like with our Kinfolk being remembered the way they should be. Our apps are popular with educators because they have been built, refined, and expanded in partnership with them. We ensure our eyes are always on historical accuracy while exploring for those electrifying connections that help us comprehend our past, present, and future in a clearer light.

Join the Kinfolk collaborator network to help us add new content, develop new materials, expand our reach, or create a custom Augmented Reality Black History experience.