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The Kinfolk Foundation creates revolutionary interactive AR experiences for educational curriculums and the world at large. We're bringing neglected Black and Brown histories to the forefront of cultural consciousness.

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When you donate to Kinfolk, you amplify our voices and help us multiply our efforts. We rely on deep knowledge reserves of educators, researchers, historiographers, developers, and community leaders. While their knowledge may seem to go forever, their individual resources cannot. We need the help of people like you to keep going.

Every donation you make directly supports development and the creation of mind-expanding Black and Brown historical experiences. Our Kinfolk are neglected precisely because the powers that be don't want to put money behind their stories. Instead, they support the glorification of figures and narratives that embody their goals. Statues commemorating colonizers do not appear out of thin air! They are created through the support of people who place real value on their visibility. 

Let us show our own drive, shining a light upon our ancestors who helped build amazing things despite all odds!

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‍We're turning back the tide of historical revisionism and the erasure of critical figures from the discourse. And we need your help!

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