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Kinfolk is an augmented reality app that allows you to see the physical world around you enhanced by digital monuments that only exist in our app. Our monuments are pieces of art dedicated to Black, Brown, indigenous, LGBTQ+ history that everyone should know. Use your phone to learn about the past, get present-day tools to become better ancestors of the future!

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Connecting With Black and Brown People in the Past to Empower Them Now – And Into the Future

How it works

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Browse through our always-growing selection of monuments to see history's underappreciated heroes.

Choose and place a monument

Decide on the figure you want to get to know, and place their monument anywhere in your environment. Make it as big or as small as you like — this space is yours to reimagine!

Listen to narrated biographies

We curate historical accounts written by leading researchers, biographers, and historians. Listen to voice over artists recount their stories, and get intimate with our past.

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Dive deep into the archive of historical materials to appreciate the full impact of each figure and the context of their life's work.

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Why Kinfolk Matters

The Kinfolk app makes things happen, right before your very eyes. Correcting the egregious idolization of problematic, overwhelmingly Euro-centered historical figures has achieved slow progress. Our team was compelled to overcome inertia. We wanted to see changes happen right before our eyes, and we wanted everyone to have this power in the palm of their hand.

Kinfolk doesn't just change who gets commemorated, though. It invites all of us to contribute to public space. It imagines a world where the people get to decide who gets honored and remembered, and it teaches us why it is so important to not selectively cull historical narratives to the benefit of ethnocentricity.

Our kinfolk are seen. They are remembered. And they are shared with others so that we, as a society, can learn and grow and appreciate one another more equitably.

The key for our society to take meaningful steps toward racial equity lies in the undoing of the centuries-long dehumanization process at the core of our country’s collective narratives.

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