This Is What We Do

We're proud of our products, and we're proud of the contributions they have made to education, Black historical discourse, and community representation.

We also continually look forward to what's next: our next collaboration, event contribution, or exciting new educational and immersive experience.

Take a look at what we've achieved so far, and see just how far we intend to go to reach our vision of a more equitable future.


Kinfolk is an immersive AR Black monument archive with a vast catalog of historical facts and narration describing the lives of our most important Black and Brown forebears. The Kinfolk App puts the power to redefine public space in the hands of the people, especially those who have been denied a voice in what histories get remembered.

There's never been a better opportunity to get to know your Kinfolk! Live out the untold stories of people of color, and see the impact they've had on history in the face of supremacist institutions.

Best of all, Kinfolk is always expanding with new contributions from our partnered community of 3D artists, historians, teachers, and activists.

There's always new Kinfolk to meet! And with our app you can put them wherever you want: in your living room, on your desk, at your school, in your local park, or right next to the seat of government where you live.

Visualize the impact representation can have,
and learn the untold story of Black and Brown people who deserve for you to know their name. After all, these are your Kinfolk.



Available exclusively to those in the educator community.

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Unsung is an ambitious collaboration between Kinfolk's development team and educators. Built under Verizon's Innovative Learning program, this innovative AR experience puts students in the shoes of two outstanding — but underrepresented — Black historical figures of their time.

Meet Florence Mills: a singer riding within the wave of culture and entertainment known as the Harlem Renaissance. Follow Florence as she meets with locals and important historical figures of her era. Track her rise to stardom through four scenes illustrating what life was like in Harlem in the 1920s.

Meet "Tiny" Davis: Ernestine Carrol "Tiny" Davis was a jazz trumpeter, singer, and performer. She toured with the little-known International Sweethearts of Rhythm ride through the midwestern U.S., bringing culture and entertainment to cities throughout the heart of America.

Students learn and experience untold Black history collaboratively in an AR setting. Educators can incorporate each scene within a lesson plan that includes team-based artifact finding and individual checks for understanding (CFU). Help students relive the past as they've never seen it before to meet two explosively talented Black singers whose histories have been, up to this point, Unsung.

More Coming Your Way

Kinfolk is in the process of creating new apps as well as limited engagement experiences specific to community events and causes. 

Watch this space for exciting developments (yeah that's a pun!) and new work demonstrating our continual commitment to bringing history to life in order to reckon with inequity and injustice.